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    The FAQ's, Policies and Instructions for the

    These are our current FAQ's, Policies and Instructions for our current CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™. If you received a candidate questionaire from us, these are the policies and instructions that apply to you. Please read them carefully.

    (Last Updated 05/18/2006) -- Please note we may have changed these Policies and Instructions since the previous election. You can find the Policies and Instructions that applied to a previous election on that election's CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire's and Ranking's ™ page as an archived copy.


    After all, you are running for political office, if you are elected, you will to some degree have the ability to write rules or laws that others must know and obey. We expect the same from you, that you would understand our policies and practices and would have followed our instructions in completing our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    You will be asked on your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ to acknowledge having reviewed this page with its FAQ's and instructions. We will not post questionnaires that fail to acknowledge this or which have not been signed properly.


    We are very interested in considering you for endorsement but first you will need to fill out and return our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    It is the first step in our endorsement process. Our primary goal is to find candidates that we can endorse. This is the best way we have found to find candidates who we can put on our "Good Guys List"™.

    We hope your answers put you in our 100% ranking category but even if you receive less then 100%, you would still get a benefit from properly completing our questionnaire. While you would not be endorseable, we would still list your name, the ranking you received, and a copy of your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ with its answers, on our website(s).

    We know that completing our questionnaire is work but we hope that in addition to the possibility of getting our endorsement, our policy of posting completed questionnaires on our website is motivational for you. Many candidates feel that getting their views up on the internet makes it worth it to fill our questionnaire, we hope you do too.


    You may be thinking, "I will probably not be getting a 100% ranking so why should I fill out the questionnaire?"

    First off, you may be wrong about getting less than 100% and you will not know if you do not try. Then again you may get less then a 100% but the voters will know that you have thought through the issues we ask about and have taken a position on them.

    Many voters believe, as we do, that a candidate deserves more respect if that candidate is willing to take public stands on political issues. Especially on the tough issues we ask about in our candidate questionnaire.

    And we have also found that candidates that do take stands on tough issues are also interested in getting their views known, a completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ is one way to do just that.

    While it is true, that we will only move candidates who get a 100% ranking on in our endorsement process, there are still many voters who want to support candidates who get at least close to the high standard we set. While that support is dependent upon each individual voter's priorities as far as the individual questions we ask, our posted CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ lets those voters know if you might be one of those candidates.

    This will essentially get you some "free advertising." That is because your completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ will remain on our website(s) for months and years to come at absolutely no expense to you. It will be picked up in major Internet Search Engines and you will also be able to link to that page from your website or in your e-mails. You can be confident that it will remain there and not be taken down (unless there is a court order requiring us to do so).

    To see a sample of what we did for the November 02, 2004 election you can click on the following link: [http://www.goodguyslist.org/USA/us01000.htm].


    First you will need to complete and return, in a timely manner, your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ and it will need a 100% ranking to qualify.

    Next we will send you a BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ (sample from 2004) which you will need to complete and send back to us. We will review that form and if we have any questions about items on your form we will contact you about them.

    Very simply, we have implemented the BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ because our constituency, the general public, assumes that we have asked these kinds of questions. We want our voters to have confidence that when we say you belong on our "Good Guys List"™ that you really are worthy of that high position.

    We encourage candidates to be frank with the voters and let them know about your bumps and blemishes as well as your qualification. Voters can handle honest mistakes, many candidates have divorces or some other family situation in their background. While it is possible that an issue on your BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ could keep us from endorsing you, you would still retain your 100% ranking on our website.

    The BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ is confidential unless you lie to us. If we believe you have done that, we will confront you and give you the opportunity to "defend yourself." Again, if we believe you have lied to us then we will consider your completed BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ public.

    If we approve you after reviewing your BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ then we will ask you to sign off on what we call our ENDORSEMENT NEWS RELEASE CANDIDATE APPROVAL FORM™.

    What this document does is it allows us to say "nice things," about you and that we have endorsed you. We will want to send a news release announcing that we have endorsed you for your candidacy and this is your way formally saying to us that you accept our endorsement and we can go public with it. Again, it tells us that we can say the things about you we outlined in our approval form, in our news release announcing our endorsement of your candidacy. At this point you will be considered endorsed.

    As you can see once you have returned your filled in or completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ and you receive a 100% ranking from us, it is up to you whether you go forward in the endorsement process. For example, if you choose not to fill out and return our BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™, we will not pressure you in any way, shape or form. We will very simply believe that you are satisfied with your 100% ranking and wish to not go any further in the process.

    Obviously, if you do not receive a 100% ranking from us then we will not send you the BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™. We do not ever want anyone to claim that we had access to personal, potentially damaging information when we knew that there would be no way that we would endorse that candidate.


    If we endorse you, your name is automatically placed on our "Good Guys List"™. Your name will appear listed with the other candidates we have endorsed. This is our list of endorsements.

    You may appear on the list with candidates from a different political party then your own. This is because we can endorse candidates from all political parties and we do not base our endorsements on a candidates' political party affiliation. Also, you may or may not have endorsed others that appear on the same list with you.

    Citizens For A Better America® leadership controls all endorsements and the content of everything published and distributed and is not authorized by any candidate or any candidate committee. Citizens For A Better America® has paid for and authorizes all communications.

    We have two programs under which we can endorse you. Our default program is called, Basic Endorsement Program™. Under our Basic Endorsement Program™ all endorsed candidates are allowed to use our name as having endorsed them for that election either local, primary, general or special. Also, as we stated above, we will put your name on our "Good Guys List"™ wherever we would normally publish that list.

    We can also send you via e-mail or as a PDF file an endorsement letter on our letterhead, if you request it from us. We have had candidates take and copy that letter in it's entirety and copy it for distribution in their literature as well as on their Internet Web Sites, which we allow. If you would need or would like such a letter, please request it from us.

    If you are running for party committee where only party members or delegates in a Convention or a Caucus would be able to vote for you then we would want to e-mail at our expense our endorsement News Release to everyone in your political party, but you will need to supply us a list if we do not have it. You may also want to distribute our letter announcing your endorsement at your voting convention.

    We also have our Advanced Endorsement Program™. Under our Advanced Endorsement Program™ we can do even more, like getting out our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?™ flyer. You would need to agree with us to certain terms which include Citizens For A Better America® doing all we can do to raise the necessary funds to be able to publish and distribute our "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?"™ flyer in your district. We would work very closely with you in helping to get you elected.

    When we have printed and distributed our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?™ flyers to help elect our endorsed candidates those flyers have changed vote counts by five (5) to thirty (30) percent within the precincts they were distributed in, versus precincts that they were not.

    If you believe that a five (5) to thirty (30) percent vote count shift would be adequate for you to get elected then you will definitely want to discuss this with us, the possibility of upgrading your endorsement to our Advanced Endorsement Program™.

    Some candidates run just to run but do not think seriously that they can win, this program is not for you. This program is only for candidates who are serious about getting elected, and who think they have a real chance to win and who are not afraid to work hard to do it.

    Our flyer distribution has also produced a significantly higher voter turnout where it is distributed. It is for this reason that we do not worry about "high propensity voter lists." It is our goal to distribute our flyer to every home in your district. This involves fundraising to get that flyer out, something we would work together with you to accomplish. Very simply stated, this is a cooperative effort between an endorsed candidate under the Advanced Endorsement Program™ and CFABA.ORG!

    It is important to note that our endorsements are per election. So, if you win your primary or there is a run off in your special election you will need to submit a new candidate questionnaire and repeat our endorsement process, unless you have checked off that you want your endorsment to flow through to your general or run off election.

    We will then only need to have you resubmit your questionnaire if we have had to make a major change to the questionnaire. This is a rare occurance but it has happened in the past, in that case we had to reword a question because it was confusing to the candidates and we wanted complete clarity. See Q13. below for more on how we want our questionnaires to be excellent.


    It is our goal to send our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ to every candidates that we are able to find e-mail addresses for.

    Very simply stated, if you are currently a candidate for public office or are in the process of being a candidate and your name will appear on a public ballot then our goal is to send you a CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    It does not matter to us what political party you are a member of, what office you are a candidate for, from the lowest to the highest political position anywhere in the United States of America (USA) and its territories.

    The basic concept is, if your name appears on a ballot anywhere in the United States of America (USA) and its territories then we would like to give you an opportunity to fill out our questionnaire and seek our endorsement.

    You, as a Candidate are invited to seek our endorsement. That endorsement will appear on our Good Guys List™ everywhere that we published that list. That could include our various websites, our vast Commentary and News Release List™ as well as our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?™ flyer.

    If you are viewing this page and have not yet received a CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ the election official in your city, county or state may not ask for your e-mail address or may not publish it on their internet website.

    While we have encouraged and worked with various state, and local election officials all over the USA. This is especially true in California where we have had contact with all the various county election officials. Some election offices have improved over the years but disappointedly there are many who are still not publishing e-mail addresses and the websites of their candidates on their websites this even when they ask the candidate for them. Amazingly some states still do not even publish a list of their candidates online.

    It is our desire that all candidates get the opportunity to complete our questionnaire so we would welcome you sending us a request for CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.
    Send that request to: Candidate@GoodGuysList.org


    It is our desire that all candidates get the opportunity to complete our questionnaire so we would welcome you sending us a request for CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.
    Send that request to: Candidate@GoodGuysList.org


    There are some city, county or state election officials that now ask for your e-mail address and your website address when you file your papers to run for office. Some of those election officials showing excellent constituent services actually publish that information on their internet websites.

    These are the lists we use when sending out our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    We do not send spam. As far as we can tell, you are a legitimate political candidate and the reason you gave your e-mail address when you filed your candidate papers was because you wanted to be contacted by voters and other interested parties like ourselves. We are a legitimate political organization that seeks to endorse candidates and that is why we contacted you.

    If you do not wish to have your e-mail address appear on the internet please contact the government agency or any other entity that the website belongs to, we do not have control over the content of their website(s).


    We assume the candidate used your address, with your permission, when they filed their papers to run for office. If this is not the case you will need to handle that with the candidate or the government entity that published the e-mail address.

    If we have sent our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ to your e-mail address and it is not the address of the candidate, but that of a campaign staff person then please forward this to the e-mail address of the candidate. If you can not forward it then please let us know what the e-mail address of the candidate is and we will send it to them.

    We know candidates are very busy but only candidates not staff personal can complete our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


    Citizens For A Better America ® is a national, grassroots, independent, nonconnected, political committee, founded on October 15, 1992. We are not controlled or authorized by any political party, candidate, labor union or corporation. Part of our mission is to elect candidates from the very lowest to the very highest political positions all over the United States of America.

    Who We Are:

  • Mission and Belief Statement
  • The Leadership Team
  • Contact Information
  • Get Member Information

    Voters in the past have wanted to know how candidates in their area had answered our questionnaires, even when we have not endorsed them. So, beginning with the November 4, 2003 election we added a new feature. In addition to listing our endorsed candidates on our "Good Guys List"™ we posted to our internet website(s) a copy of every properly completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™, and we began rating candidates in comparison to Citizens For A Better America ® standards for endorsement.

    For example, if your answers are One Hundred Percent (100%), comparable to our standards, which means that you are endorseable we will send you via e-mail, CFABA.ORG BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™. You can see the version we used for the November 2, 2004 election by clicking on the following link:

    We also list our endorsed candidates in our "Good Guys List"™ on our website and in our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?™ flyer along with its hard hitting articles. You can view previous flyer articles published in our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?™ on the website HAVEYOUBEENLIEDTO.org

    Printing our flyer is part of our Advanced Endorsement Program™ and when we have printed and distributed our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?™ flyers, to help elect our endorsed candidates, those flyers have changed vote counts by five (5) to thirty (30) percent within the precincts they were distributed in versus precincts that they were not. In the past this has been the bounce in votes that a candidate has needed to get elected.

    If you would like to seek our endorsement then you will need to fill out and send back the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ we sent you with your electronic signature by e-mail.


    Our members and those on our Commentary and News Release List™ as well as the general public always ask us what we did with a particular election.

    It is our policy to issue a News Release after the deadline has passed for candidates to return their filled in CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE ™. These News Releases often state how many candidates have or have not responded to our questionnaire.

    Some candidates, who have not returned questionnaires, have in the past been very upset that we have done this. We are telling you this so that you are aware of this policy.


    The date and time can be found in the header of the e-mail we sent to you.

    If we are sending you this CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ within ten (10) days or less of your election then you will need to return it as early as within twenty four (24) hours of the date and time we are sending it to you.

    If your election is 11-25 days from today (the date you received the original e-mailed questionnaire), then you will have two (2) days to respond. If your election is between 26-44 days then you will have three (3) days to respond. If your election is between 45-75 days then you will have five (5) days to respond. If your election is 76-90 then you will have ten (10) days to respond. If your election is 91 days or longer from today then you have fourteen (14) days to respond.

    For example, if the date on the e-mail you received is 19 days before your election then you will need to send it back complete no later than 48 hours from the time stamp on the e-mail you received.


    Every candidate faces time pressures. It is our desire to be fair to all the candidates and give them an opportunity to seek our endorsement, but at the same time we do not want to potentially hold up an endorsement of a candidate because we are waiting weeks on end for the other candidates to fill out and return our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    In addition, we face time constraints in publishing to our web site. We want to publish all the questionnaires we receive back but we may only be able to publish those that we receive on time.

    Another reason for the short time frame, after every election, we evaluate our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ to make certain that it is doing its job. If we receive either questions, comments or complaints, we will look into those and make whatever changes are necessary, to make sure that we are being as excellent as we can be in our communication process.

    If we discover that we can improve on either a question or the entire communication process, we will hold up sending out our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ until we can send a new and updated one. It is not our desire to ever trick a candidate. It is always our desire and goal to be as excellent as we can be in our communication, so if an instruction or question is misleading we want to correct that as soon as possible.


    We will wait the amount of time stated in Q11. When do I have to get the questionnaire back to you? before we make any endorsement(s), but we could be endorsing in your race as early as that cutoff point.

    If we receive your completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ after our deadline we can not guarantee that we will not already be in the process of endorsing someone else in your race, so please return your questionnaire on time.

    If we have already made an endorsement in your race then your late questionnaire will not be reviewed, and we would not have had the opportunity to discover how you would have answered. However, if we have not made an endorsement in your race yet then as time permits we may get a chance to review your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    Be aware, that it may not get posted to the website if it is received late, and a comment will be made stating that it was late, if we do post it.


    First it is important for you to know that we do not remove old documents from our website. Even after an election we will keep those pages up and viewable.

    We consider them historical and they will remain on the site for as long as our websites are up on the internet. That said, it is our goal to post on our website, all the completed questionnaires that we get back, including the ranking they received. You can expect that volunteers are working as diligently as possible to do just that.


    First did you sign it? We do not consider that you have signed the document unless you have properly filled out the bottom section in the signature area according to our instructions. See below for more information about what we consider a legal signature via e-mail.

    Second, was it on time? Late arrivals may or may not get posted.

    We will not publish any CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ which violates public decency standards. That means if it can not be read by children we will not publish it. While some of the issues we deal with are not for small children we want to remain family friendly.


    A little background is important to answering this question. When we began Citizens For A Better America on October 15, 1992 we relied on surveys by other groups. We then started to interview candidates either in person or on the phone and asking them the questions within our current questionnaire.

    A significant change came about after our participation in the March 1998, Texas primary. We came to the conclusion that candidates were either being whimsical or not taking seriously how they were answering our questionnaire or they were just flatly lying to us.

    We did not want to get into the position of having to figure out which of these it was, so we implemented a new policy of asking candidates sign under the penalties of perjury.

    In fact we issued an update at the time to communicate the change. If you would like to see our 04/03/1998 update you can click on the following link:

    Even now some candidates will leave a part of the penalties of perjury section incomplete. Many candidates are attorneys and any attorney knows this invalidates the penalties of perjury aspect of the agreement. When we have sent these questionnaires back and asked the candidate to correct them they are overwhelmingly not been returned. This is very unfortunate as it would lead one to believe that their intent was to circumvent the system. Not a good trait in an elected official.


    If your race has the opportunity for voters to vote for more than one candidate, such as for school board and the top three vote getter's will be elected then we would be able to endorse as many as three candidates in that race. If you send in your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ you may qualify to be one of those candidates.


    We consider all of the activities we do for you to fall under our Basic Endorsement Program™. See below for information regarding our Advanced Endorsement Program™.

    The activities we do under our Basic Endorsement Program™ such as calling candidates, e-mailing them a CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™, broadcast e-mailing out our News Releases announcing our endorsements of our candidates, and other similar activities are paid for by our members who commit to helping us with a minimum commitment of seventeen cents a day, five dollars a month, sixty dollars a year.

    The Federal Elections Commission and most State Elections Finance Commissions, consider the publishing and distributing our "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED?"™ flyer to be an in-kind contribution to you as an endorsed candidate. However, only the portion of our "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED?"™ flyer that advocates your election is allocated as the amount we report as an in-kind contribution.

    The publication and distribution of our "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED?"™ flyer is considered to be our Advanced Endorsement Program™ and under this program contributions are reported to the appropriate federal and state agencies, and limits will be honored where applicable. We will only report these in-kind contributions if you directly benefit from this. As an example, only if we distribute or give flyers to you to distribute in your district will we report it.

    We have stated up front what we want to do for the candidates we endorse, so that you will know our intentions before you seek our endorsement. We do hope you will do just that, seek our endorsement.


    By endorsing your candidacy we are actually telling our constituency, the general public, and our membership that you deserve to be on our "Good Guys List"™ and you are worthy to be voted for. We take this very seriously. We do not endorse the lesser of two evils. If we do not find someone worthy, we do not endorse. We are staking our reputation on you being worthy of our support.

    We will not endorse any candidate that does not completely fill out and return our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™, and complete our BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ as well as sign off on our ENDORSEMENT NEWS RELEASE CANDIDATE APPROVAL FORM™ telling us that we can say things about you in our news release announcing our endorsement of your candidacy.


    As you examine the questionnaire you will see the questions that we ask are generic questions that we could ask any candidate for any office, from the very lowest to the very highest political positions all over the United States of America. We have done this purposefully and with determined intent.

    It is our policy not to do anything to communicate to the candidate who receive our CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ what the correct answers ought to be or should be, but this is not a test, it is an attempt to understand your core beliefs about the issues we raise.

    So, if you would like to go to our links page where we have listed organizations that share our viewpoints as well as organizations that do not you may do so by clicking on the following link:

    You may feel that some, or for that matter all, of the questions that we ask are out of your purview for the office that you seek, but it is our experience and strong belief that they are not. Just consider the recent issue of the Pledge of Allegiance, now school board members across the nation have to deal with this issue, an issue they may have previously considered out of their purview. We believe that all the issue we ask about are relevant and that none should be skipped.

    We believe a response from you that says something like: "This questionnaire or questions have nothing to do with my election," is basically an attempt by you to make an excuse that is simply not justified.

    It has been our experience since starting Citizens For A Better America ® (CFABA.ORG) on October 15, 1992, that many of the questions that we are asking within this CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ have been affecting local jurisdictions like school boards, city councils, and water boards for years. We under no circumstances or conditions believe that it is not appropriate and fitting for us, CFABA.ORG to ask the questions that we are asking you.


    It is not our goal to send you more than one copy of this document. However, if you are candidate from more than one political office or if the political office you are candidate for is in more than one county, you might actually receive more than one copy of this document.You could also receive more than one copy if we are going through more than one list of candidates.

    If you are not a part of our Commentary and News Release List™ you will automatically be added to that list, so that you will automatically receive a News Release of any endorsement(s) that we make.

    Or, any News Release informing the general public or the thousands and thousands on our Commentary and News Release List™ about the availability of your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ on our website(s).

    If you would like to be removed from our Commentary and News Release List™, all you need to do is follow the instructions within each document you received via e-mail, to be removed, and we will remove your e-mail address from our distribution list.

    If you have previously asked to be removed from that list and you are now a candidate for office in another election like a general election then you will need to ask to be removed again, because we normally add candidates to our list again for any new election.

    If your election is in a short period of time, then when you send your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ back to us you may also want to follow it up with a voice mail message to our national headquarters at (818) 757-1776. This is a voice mail number and you are free to call it 24/7.

    We are unable to answer this phone number directly, this is strictly a voice mail number. We will however get your message and are able to deal with your message or return your phone call if we find that to be necessary. Please confirm to us that you are sending via e-mail your CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™. We consider the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ to be properly filed as long as it is sent via e-mail and properly signed.

    We will always reserve the right to publish any and all communication from you to us and from us to you as Open Letters or Communications. Every one of the questions that we are asking you is very important to us. We hope to find out your current views on the issues that concern Americans.


    A. You must answer every question. Any question left blank will be considered wrong. You are not authorized to add or make any changes to any question or to the answers. The only questions you can make comments to are, question 01, 08, and 38. If you add an answer that was not there as an option when we sent you the CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire™ your filled in, completed questionnaire will be considered invalid and will not be posted and no further notice will be given to you.

    B. We consider your printed e-mail signature to be legally binding. The CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ must be completed and signed by the candidate only. You must date when you signed the form and write the City and State you did so in. Not doing so renders the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ incomplete and not accepted by Citizens For A Better America ®.

    C. Please answer all the questions as briefly, honestly, accountably & completely as possible. Every question is important to us, read it carefully and research it completely if you need to. An answer of "[X] Do not know" is the same as a wrong answer. So take the time to research the issue the question is about. The voters care about each of the issues we ask about.

    D. Spelling, punctuation errors will not be corrected. We will post it as you have sent it to us.

    E. To fill in and complete the questionnaire you need to use the Reply aspect of your e-mail program rather than a word processor. The procedure to do that is spelled out in points "F" through "Q".

    F. Use the reply aspect of your e-mail program to produce a copy of the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ that you can edit.

    G. DO NOT edit or rewrite any part of the actual questions this will automatically disqualify your questionnaire from being placed on our website and disqualify you from a possible endorsement.

    H. Within reply you have the ability to add to the e-mail document by clicking where you want to type and then typing.

    I. For the record, WE DO NOT OPEN ATTACHED FILES!! Do not send in your completed questionnaire as an attached file.

    J. You are not authorized to distribute or post this questionnaire or it's question(s) on the Internet or by any other means without our written permission. Please do not alter it in anyway, this will automatically disqualify you along with blatantly violating our instructions.

    Doing so violates the Copyrighted nature of the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ because if you then submitted that same question to another individual or group they would not know that is it the Copyrighted property of Citizens For A Better America ®, and all rights are reserved for the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™.

    K. We consider your properly signed copy of your completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ sent via e-mail to be legally binding. Before you send it to us realize that you are signing this CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ under the penalties of perjury. This section must have every blank filled in or it is invalid. We will not consider a CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ completed if it does not have a valid signature signed under the penalties of perjury.

    L. Please return your completed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ back to us ASAP so we can begin the endorsement process. We may e-mail you notification that we have a problem with your transmission but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure it is sent properly.

    M. You must send us your filled in CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ by E-mail in the body of the e-mail and not by attached file. We do not accept questionnaires returned to us by any other means.

    N. Please do not call our office unless you have a transmission problem. We do not want to appear to be giving preferential treatment to any candidate therefore we cannot respond to your call.

    O. If you do not want to made public any of your contact information please write "I Will Not Disclose." instead of the Information. The information we ask for should be the same type you were asked when filing to run as a candidate.

    P. Most states have a closed Primary Election Ballot. That means that only voters registered in your political party will be able to vote for you. If you are seeking our endorsement for a Primary Election Ballot then please list the political party ballot you are on.

    Citizens For A Better America ® absolutely does not determine it's endorsement based on your political party but how you answer the questions on the CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™. We are making this request because we have had requests from voters so that they would have an easier time trying to find you on their ballots.

    If you are running for a non-partisan office / seat you are not required to give us your political party. In fact you are not required to tell us on this document your political party, however, you may not receive votes from voters of your political party.

    Q. If you are running for more than one office you can put all the different office(s) such as Central Committee and Congress, that you are running for on the offices line. You only need to send us one filled in CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ per election.

    R. We have discovered that because of the length of our questionnaire that we can have a problem with some of the emailing software used by candidates. For example with Yahoo.com mail when you hit the reply button it truncates our message and as a result we do not receive the whole questionnaire. We have a solution if this is an issue for your email software.

    The solution is to first click on the following link:


    Second, click on the edit button of your browser and use select all and the cut and paste feature of your browser to place the entire text in the "compose" area of your email software [i.e. yahoo.com mail]. Finally, go ahead and fill out the questionnaire and then send it to us. If we still have a problem receiving your entire questionnaire we will work with you to make sure we get it, but this should solve the problem.

    This ends our instructions and our attempt to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S) that we have received from both candidates and voters.

    Please go to your e-mailed CFABA.ORG CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE™ and fill it out and send it back to us. Or, request one today. Send that request to: Candidate@GoodGuysList.org

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